Equestrian And Agricultural Gates

Equestrian and agricultural gates are important because it helps a farm or stable facility. It helps keep the place organised and the horses safe and secure. This is a highly functional part of the property. It is just as important as the stables or barns. You need to give careful thought to the layout of the gates and fence that is attached to it.

Why is an equestrian and agricultural gates

If you have horses or other farm animals, you need to make sure that they are kept safe and secure. You do not want them roaming around where they should not go. That also means keeping other people safe on the outside.

It is important that the fence and gate that you will use around the stable or farm area is well-thought out and planned. You have to make sure that it is strong enough to keep the horses and other animals inside Рeven if they try to destroy it. We all know how powerful a horse’s kick can be so make sure that the structure is very strong Рespecially the gate. Some people try to save by opting for the cheaper version but only ended up spending more because it got broken easily or one of the horses got injured.

There are many types of equestrian and agricultural gates to choose from. They come in different styles, structures, materials. Each of these has a specific function that can be used for different areas like grazing pastures, riding areas, exercise paddocks, etc. The land will also play a big role in determining how the fence and gate should look like.

About wooden equestrian and agricultural gates

Wood is one of the materials used in building equestrian and agricultural gates and fences. It is the classic fence – made of 3 to 4 wooden boards to keep up with the height of adult horses. These boards are nailed to wooden posts that go around the stable. Most of the time, these wooden fences and gates use pine because it is more unlikely to splinter and cause injury to horses and other farm animals.

While there are other materials like PVC, mesh, vinyl, and wires, but wood has a lot of characteristics that make it the perfect choice. It is strong and creates a solid barrier. Not only that, the wood is beautiful to look at and blend well in the surrounding. Believe it or not, it also adds value to the whole property.

Like all materials for equestrian and agricultural gates and fences, it also has disadvantages. This can be quite expensive. The cost of a wooden fence or gate will depend on the length. This is why the price is usually on a per foot basis. If you want to use wood, you need to spend between $3 to $9 per foot. Not only that, it requires maintenance. It needs to be sanded and primed. It also has to be painted – especially when it is already old. If it gets broken or splintered, it has to be replaced immediately – and that will cost you money.