Clean and Treat a Wooden Gate

sunWe must admit that we are unabashed admirers of wooden gates. They are indeed a thing of beauty and grace. Having a wooden gate at the entrance of your property increases its prestige and splendour.

Just like all things beautiful, wooden gates can be a bit fragile too. They stand guard, day and night, exposed to the sun, the rain, and other elements. You certainly don’t have to fuss over them, but they do need a certain amount of maintenance.

Protect Your Gates

1You would not want your majestic gate to lose its sheen. The good news is that protecting them is not hard at all. All that you would need are a few basic supplies; however, before we get into the maintenance part, here are a few things you need to watch out for:

  • splits
  • cracked lines along the finish
  • loose screws
  • spot fading

We do say that regular maintenance is required, but you will be surprised to find that most of the times, all that you need to do is tighten a loose screw or just touch up some faded spots.

Clean and Treat a Wooden Gate

2Our experts have put together a list of five easy steps that anyone can follow. Our aim is to make the maintenance of your wooden gate a simple exercise. The steps include:

  1. First, stock up on the necessary supplies, such as a wood protective paint and sanding paper.
  2. The next step is to observe the gate’s surface closely with the sandpaper in hand. If you find areas where the paint has worn off, or cracked lines have appeared on the paint, sand it off.
  3. When you sand a particular area, it is advisable to work in a smooth, circular motion. This causes only the scraping of paint, and the wood is not damaged.
  4. Once the sanding has been done, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the residue. You should also use a low-pressure water hose.
  5. Once the residue has been cleaned, it is time to bring out the paint. Remember to get a wood protective variety. Paint in long, natural strokes.

A Mistake to Avoid

Maintaining a wooden gate is easy, yet, there is a common mistake which should be avoided. Never paint over a faded spot or cracked line without sanding the area first. This could lead to termite infestation and more damage to the wooden gate.