How to Build Your Wooden Garden Gate

Building a wooden garden gate is easy once you are handy with a hammer and a saw. If you are not, then you will need the help of a trusted person. If you are handy with tools, then this will be an enjoyable project to undertake.

Things Needed for Making the Wooden Garden Gate

  • Wooden-Gate-PlansTreated wood
  • Glue, nails or screws, pencil, ruler, tape measure
  • Hammer, tenon saw, drill, chisel, plane, and gauge
  • Mitre saw, belt sander, jig saw or band saw, wood clamp, wedges
  • Paint, or if wanting to remain natural; then no paint
  • Paint brushes, metal hinges

Preparations for Making the Wooden Garden Gate

First, you need to determine where the gate will be placed and measure the space. Ascertain the height of the gate you plan making, the width, and the type of railing top. Some people rather have a flat top or have a little flair by creating a kind of steeple or angled top or a semi-curved gate top. Cut the different pieces at the correct measurements for the stile, head, rail, opening board and diagonal brace.

gardenGIf the wood purchased is not dressed you will need to sand and plain the pieces to get rid of any splinters or rough edges. Assembling should be straight forward, as you have already cut the pieces for all the parts of the wooden gate.

Glue the joints of the various pieces together while using the nails to further secure the pieces for the gate. Measure and drill the holes for attaching the hinges, and screw the hinges in place to swing the gate. Giving the gate enough space on a flat surface for assembly is crucial. This may be done on a table or the ground; possibly on the driveway to ensure accurate assembly. After attaching the gate to the posts that you have planted, it is time to paint.

Admire the Results

It is certainly an achievement to admire what you have done and can indeed boast of your efforts. A wooden garden gate is an attractive and necessary addition to any garden, as it will keep unwanted visitors out of the garden.

Here’s a YouTube link for you to choose which DYI wooden garden gate you will tackle on your own.