Why Choose a Wooden Gate?

woodgateChoosing the right wooden gate can be difficult, because of the many types that are available; softwood, hardwood, ledged gate, morticed and many others. We choose wooden gates to enhance the appearance of our homes, for the security of the home in general, and for keeping children and pets safe. For whatever reason you have chosen to erect a wooden gate, it is sure to be pleasing to the eye.

Benefits of a Wooden Gate on your Property

  • A wooden gate can be a very lucrative investment; this is because a solid wooden gate made from high-quality materials like teak or oak is quite pricey and will usually raise the value of your home.
  • A solid hardwood gate will last for many years with proper maintenance.
  • The wooden gate will be exclusively yours for the natural features of the wood are unique. This means the wood, especially the knots in the wood, is unique to your gate.
  • If the wooden gate is made of solid wood and not slats, then you will have a greater amount of privacy than a non-close boarded wooden gate; e.g. a feature picket gate.

Reasons to Not have a Wooden Gate

  • Being out in the elements will cause warping of the wood.
  • Untreated wood is also open to termites.
  • It may be too heavy to open, especially if it is a swing gate.
  • If it is a soft wooden gate, the lifespan will be shorter than a hardwood gate
  • Varnish is not a durable surface covering for the wooden gate; it will still chip and peel over time.

woodgate1There are many types of gates that you may choose from. A wooden swing gate is really attractive and is traditional. A rule of thumb though is; ensure the ground is level for installing a wooden swing gate. If the ground is not suitable, there will be difficulty with opening and closing.

A wooden sliding gate is another option and is ideal for any terrain, as the channels can be planted evenly on any surface ground. Security with a sliding wooden gate is also good, and it keeps small pets on the property as well.

Wooden gates are quite trendy, and will certainly add style to your property. The choices are vast and varied; however, it is important to seek professional advice for installation, unless you are a do-it-yourself person.